Hearty congrats!
Мевандукпи аява эетчэм!

Mewandukpi ayawa eyetchem!

From-my-heart good I'm-asking-for!

Best greetings!
Со няма привет!

So niama priwet!

I wish you much success and happiness!
Упкат аява, кутува эетчэм!

Upkat ayawa, kutuwa eyetchem!

All good, happiness I'm-asking-for!

Happy holiday!
Праздникит эгэрдэлэдем!

Prazdnikit egerdelediem.

Holiday I-welcome-in! (Egerdelediem is used in Yakutia only).

Happy First of May!
Ноноптыма маит!

Nonoptima mait!

First May-with!

Happy Women's Day! (8 March)
Ахал инэӈидитын!

Ahal ineŋiditin!

Women their-day-with!

Happy New Year!
Омакта анӈанит!

Omakta anŋanit!

New year-with.

Happy Birthday!
Балдынас инэӈидис!

Baldinas ineŋidis!

Your-birth its-day-with!

I wish you success at work!
Аят хавалдас эетчэм!

Ayat hawaldas eyetchem!

Good your-work I'm-asking-for!

I wish you success in studies!
Аят таттас эетчэм!

Ayat tattas eyetchem!

Good your-studies I'm-asking-for!

Good luck!
Авгарат бикэл, кутуя эетчэм!

Awgarat bikel, kutuya eyetchem!

Healthy be, happiness I'm-asking-for!

Happy holiday!



Ikenipke has been so good! (Ikenipke is native Evenki holiday).
Со ая Икэнипкэт оран!

So aya Ikenipket oran!

So good our-Ikenipke has-been!


Anna Myreeva

Galina Varlamova

Alexander Varlamov

Voiced by Galina Varlamova


Translated from Russian by Rustam Yusupov. Revised by Dr. Bernard Leeman.



The authors have made this phrasebook close to real language spoken by Evenks living in Yakutia (in the North-East of Russia). Some words can be written not as prescribed by the rules of literary Evenk language. Some words can be written different in different cases. However all phrases of the phrasebook are well-understood by all Evenks living in Russia.