Excuse me. / I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry!
Простикал, би буруичи бихим.

Prostikal, bi buruichi bihim.

I'm sorry, I did it by accident!
Простикал, би эне сара тыкэн некэм!

Prostikal, bi ene sara tiken nekem!

I'm late, sorry!
Простикал, аманнинавав!

Prostikal, amanninawaw.

I'm sorry, I was wrong!
Простикал, би урам!

Prostikal, bi uram!

Sorry, I don't think so.
Простикал, эӈнэм тыкэн гунчэрэ.

Prostikal, engnem tiken gunchere.

Too bad!
Со мэргэпчу!

So mergepchu!


Anna Myreeva

Galina Varlamova

Alexander Varlamov

Voiced by Galina Varlamova


Translated from Russian by Rustam Yusupov. Revised by Dr. Bernard Leeman.



The authors have made this phrasebook close to real language spoken by Evenks living in Yakutia (in the North-East of Russia). Some words can be written not as prescribed by the rules of literary Evenk language. Some words can be written different in different cases. However all phrases of the phrasebook are well-understood by all Evenks living in Russia.